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Hodor Ringtone

We know everyone’s favourite Game of Thrones character is Hodor, so we made ringtones of his best moments!


The original Hodor ringtone from when he first meets Bran. This is short and sweet and perfect as a looping ringtone.

Download for iPhone or Android

Hodor Echo

Seven seconds of Hodor talking into a well, there’s even a little cameo from Bran at the end.

Download for iPhone or Android


To install on iPhone, save the file from this page to your computer, open up iTunes, choose Ringtones from the left-hand menu, then drag the Hodor ringtone into the iTunes window, sync with your iPhone.

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Hodor Ringtone

  1. […] As far as a text tone goes, what more could you ask for than Hodor saying Hordor. […]

  2. Thanks! I love it!

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