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You Can Be In Our Next Book

We are very excited to announce that in May will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to get Nerdy Numbers and Sci-fi Shapes off the ground.  We’ve come up with some very exciting ways for our readers to get involved and even be featured in the books!

While our first book was certainly a success, selling thousands of copies, it was our first publishing project and only just broke even.  Thanks to the lessons learned in round one, we are now able to produce two books and an iPad app for pretty much the same cost as our entire outlay for that first book!  We believe that Kickstarter is the perfect way for us to get the money we need to launch this project but also gives readers some awesome ways to be involved.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • Early bird – our first backers will get $15 copies of the book (25% off retail).
  • Neighborhood sponsor – nine books, three of each edition, all signed by the authors, to stock your school or local library with the geeky essentials!
  • Be the star – have an object of your choosing illustrated inside the book!  It might be your child’s name or favorite toy, perhaps your company logo or favorite gaming console – up to you.

Over the coming weeks we’ll keep you updated as we plan out the Kickstarter campaign with sneak peeks of our video and perks.  We’d love your feedback :)

Posted on 6 Comments
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