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Imagine the joy of hearing your two year old chatting away about his holographic ninja or time traveling joystick. From Android to Zombie, this alphabet book will keep the little ones and parents entertained all night long.

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An educational book for smart kids. Imagine the joy of hearing your two year old chatting away about his holographic ninja or time traveling joystick. From Android to Zombie, this alphabet book will keep the little ones and parents entertained all night long.

My Little Geek is a board book made from thick, glossy, chewable pages.  It has also passed international safety tests so you know it’ll last forever and be safe from anything your little geek can throw at it.

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14 reviews for My Little Geek

  1. Mighty Ape Reviews

    Brilliant book! My daughter loves this. The pictures and words are nice and big so its easy for her to look at them. Lets me be a kid again playing a zombie or android…I’m not so good at the ninja any more though.. Hayden via Mighty Ape

  2. Mighty Ape Reviews

    Best Tech/Gamer Kids Book Ever! Both my kids (1 and 3) love this book, the first night we had it a new game was invented called “Genius vs Zombie” which we still play! It’s the ultimate present for kids with parents who are (even slightly) into tech or games. Andrew via Mighty Ape

  3. Mighty Ape Reviews

    Cute! I totally bought this book for the entertainment value for myself. Its a nicely illustrated book which I think is perfect for people looking for an alternative to the traditional abc books. Plus its nice to see nerdy things for nerdy people. Julia via Mighty Ape

  4. Mighty Ape Reviews

    The most amazing kids alphabet book ever. This book is so much fun – adults have all oohed and aahed and laughed over it. A really original take on the alphabet for big and little kids. Susanne via Mighty Ape

  5. Mighty Ape Reviews

    Geektastic! Smart little book with brilliant images and up to date terms. Perfect for any geek/nerd family unit. Kristine via Mighty Ape

  6. Goodreads Reviews

    A must have read for kids! (Fun for parents and grandparents too. Plus, the little guy on the cover is absolutely adorable!) If “Geekdom” runs in your family tree, you’ll love this book. ;) Kudos Andrew and Sara Spear! Terry via Goodreads

  7. Goodreads Reviews

    I was lucky enough to win this book through Goodreads First Reads. Even though I learned my ABCs long ago I still love this book. There is no reason to be intimidated if you’re not an uber-geek either. While there are a few words I can see non-geeks not knowing they are easily Googled(and you might just learn something new!) The illustrations are also very well done and incorporate all the words into the scenes nicely. A must have for any geek or geekling’s bookshelf. Anna via Goodreads

  8. Mighty Ape Reviews

    Very very funny! A great book fro geek-senior to teach geek-junior the alphabet with. Fantastic artwork and just a gorgeous book to look at. Jamie via Mighty Ape

  9. Amazon Reviews

    Adorable! Just received the book today. This is intended to be a gift for our friends 1yr old son and after reading through it I think the parents may love it a little more than the birthday boy. In fact, its so cute Im ordering another one for my daughter. MML via Amazon

  10. Mighty Ape Reviews

    The best ABC book for dads! Both my husband and I love ready Our Daughter this book – was a great first fathers day present :) Kieren via Mighty Ape

  11. Amazon Reviews

    Fantastic book. We received this as a gift for our 17 month-old. He loves it and so do we. Not only does it teach letters, it teaches concepts and terminology. The illustrations are bright and interesting and integrate the words shown for the letters on that page. Very well coordinated. P J Rodman via Amazon

  12. Mighty Ape Reviews

    Something a bit different. My IT husband thought it was a great thing to have terms that were close to his heart to teach the kids. It would probably have 5 stars if it was more than just an alphabet list. Vanessa via Mighty Ape

  13. Amazon Reviews

    This was the first book I purchased for my children and they were so hooked on it this is the only book they want me to read to them. It is full of funny characters with so much personality and it is very educational for my children – even though they don’t know that they are learning while enjoying a book. Kellie via Amazon

  14. Amazon Reviews

    Great book! Funny and Educational. Worth every penny so cute that my two year old knows what WiFi is. Nay :) Via Amazon

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