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iCloud Clipboard Manager Showdown

I’ve been a long time user of Flycut for Mac, it’s a brilliant clipboard manager but doesn’t sync with iOS. So I decided to try out all the clipboard management apps I could find, a day of testing later and the result… was somewhat unclear! It depends on what you need it for so here are the top three apps I tested and the type of user they suit best…

  • FlyCut (free) – Best if you don’t need iOS sync.
  • CloudClip (free) – Best if you don’t need the iOS share extension.
  • CopyFeed ($4.00) – Best if you want hardcore iOS integration (uses a Share Extension, Keyboard Extension and Notification Centre) and can live with a slightly clunky Mac app.

For me CloudClip wins.

CloudClip Clipboard ManagerI won’t be going back to FlyCut, the iOS integration is just too valuable to live without now. I ran with CopyFeed for a few days but found that I didn’t really use the iOS integration features so I’ve moved to CloudClip which has a better Mac UI, better settings and uses about 1/3 the system resources.

Posted on 1 Comment

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  1. Worth noting that MacOS Sierra and iOS 10 will have a Universal Clipboard as standard. I haven’t tried this yet but it will most likely replace the need for apps like CloudClip completely. Here’s a demo of Universal Clipboard in action:

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