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Self-Publishing Organising

Today has been busy.  Sending off contracts for our illustrator, paying 50% of our printing and remembering about ISBNs. As soon as we seriously considered publishing Nerdy Numbers and Sci-Fi Shapes, I contacted our illustrator and printer.  They’re my top priorities.  Without them we don’t go ahead.  So, after our Kickstarter success, I sent an email to book them in.

Last night I compared the old and new contract with our illustrator and her agent.  They were close to identical.  I was not only pleased to sign and initial the document, I was very pleased to save on the legal fees (yay!).  So today I posted three copies of the contract airmail at a cost of $3.60 rather than international courier, over $20 (another saving).

DHL delivered a dummy of the books (same book but no pictures) and a 50% invoice from our printer in Singapore.  This deposit secures the dates we want, so very important.  Last time around I went into our bank to transfer the money, this time I was able to do it online (time saving).

Our big guns are moving forward, but I’ve also contacted a few of our other essentials: Safety Testing and shipping from Singapore to USA & NZ.  I discovered some have new contacts, so it was a good to get in touch and meet them at this early stage.  I have received their quotes and they look as good or better than last time, so I’m pleased.

There are so many variables at play, so I will hold close the timeframes we have.  The essentials are: we have confirmed our printer and our sketches are being transformed into illustrator genius.

Oh and before I forget….ISBNs!!!  Low priority for now, but it is important to have ready and on our books before we go to print.

:)  Sarah

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