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Made Up Words

I think we all do it from time to time: make up nicknames for common things in our lives. In our family it’s “jim jams” for pyjamas and “nonsense juice” for soda. Rinee Shah started a blog to collect these words from different families and illustrate them, and now you can even get the entire collection as a physical book.

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Changing iTunes Audiobook Covers

I listen to a lot of audiobooks, almost as much as I listen to podcasts and music. So inevitably I spend a lot of time looking at audiobook covers in iTunes and iBooks on my Mac and iPhone. I even create my own audiobook covers when the standard iTunes and Audible covers aren’t good enough.

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Scifi Audiobook Covers

If your kids are reading our books then odds are you’re reading some sci-fi books yourself!  With life being so busy I’ve found that audiobooks are the best way for me to get through my novels, but it drives me crazy how iBooks mangels book covers.  iBooks seems to be designed to fit the square music album covers from iTunes, not traditional rectangular book covers.

This year I took matters into my own hands and came up some alternate versions of popular sci-fi novels which fit iTunes much better.  If you have any of these space operas in your iTunes library use these covers instead, iBooks will love you for it!

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Very First iPad Screenshot

I have been working on the iPad app today and am starting to get a feel for the overall look and flow.  The app will consist of three sections, one for each of the books: Letters, Numbers, Shapes.  Each section will have a full copy of the book and four mini-games using scenes from the game.  These games all focus on different skills: reflexes, creative thinking, memory and discovery.

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