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Themes Keep it Real

We’ve developed different back-stories for the new books: Nerdy Numbers is set at a birthday party and Sci-Fi Shapes is all about an imaginary astronaut adventure.

I believe it’s important to make learning meaningful.  Like any parent does every day – counting the objects, or identifying shapes around them.  Our youngest (2) went through a phase of identifying the triangles wherever she was.  That’s what we want for our numbers and shapes, that children will start identifying the number 42 or a twin helix when they see one.  I mean truly – how cool would that be!

Every child enjoys a birthday party and it’s our fun to think of as many tech items we can and people we can nod to that we can make relate to a birthday party.

Our mini-techie is very clever, so what he can imagine, invent and build is going to be pretty amazing.  In our Sci-Fi shapes book, although he is young he is creative with objects around him and with a friend we will go on an amazing journey into space.

The themes we create compliment the corresponding iPad app games we are working on too.

Posted on 1 Comment
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