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Mac Email App Showdown

I first started experimenting with Mailbox a few years ago but sadly it was bought out by Dropbox and promptly discontinued ? I went back to the native mail app and while it’s come a long way, there are features I just can’t live without anymore. After spending six months jumping between a dozen different apps I have found some amazing tools and eventually decided the best Mac mail app around.

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Building an iPhone App

Back in 2010 I was approached by Mobile Orchard to write an article about how my Plethora iPhone app was made.  Well I finally wrote the article this week and here’s the intro…

After nine months of after-hours work, I released Plethora for iPhone in June 2010. Plethora is a design gallery that is powered by over 90 of the world’s top design blogs. All of the posts are manually curated by our team so that only the best designs make it through to the actual app.

I have been running design and other companies for nine years but Plethora was my first iPhone app so I probably approached the project quite differently to how most iPhone development houses would have. Here’s how we did it.

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