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The Fun of It

We love the early stages of making the book, as it’s when our creative juices are able to be unleashed.  We like to put all our ideas down and then tweak-or-delete later on. It’s going to be fun to look back on these rough sketches once the book is finished and see how they grew into a professional product! Here are some of our ideas so far…

Ninja Fairy bread:

We made ninja fairy bread for our eldest’s party last month.  We had quite a few boys coming to her party, so we mixed the fairy bread with some butterflies and some ninjas.

My big girl mis-heard me say something as “Zombie cake” on Sunday.  She was so confused when I told her that was a great idea to have Zombie cup-cakes in our numbers book.  Poor thing, but great idea – I’ll be changing the pic’s soon:)

One of my favourite programs is the Big Bang Theory.  I think the characters remind me of Andrew sometimes.  As we have an astronaut theme, we thought we could do a nod to them on the rocket ship.

Andrew will be able to tell you what all these logos are Reddit; Sword Laser; Twit; The Nerdist; Triforce; Skyrim; Portal cube (I know some but I’ll look up the rest soon).  So the next version should have the logos as balloons.  We plan to real-life test the logos before we use them in the book.

Andrew is very excited about deciding what cos-play pairs will be added.  So far we’ll have a nod to Mario and Luigi.

The Meaning of Life – to me it’s having meaningful relationships with family and friends.

Ok, so this poster on the wall is my non-tech-person attempt to have a nod to the old TV series Alf.  The Venn Diagram will be: Astronauts love pies, they both have DNA; Aliens like Cats, the educational shape we are using is an ellipse.  I love this because it introduces children to Venn Diagrams as well as ellipses.  Will be interesting if it makes it to print.

Do I have any old Alf friends out there?

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