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The Fun of It

We love the early stages of making the book, as it’s when our creative juices are able to be unleashed.  We like to put all our ideas down and then tweak-or-delete later on. It’s going to be fun to look back on these rough sketches once the book is finished and see how they grew into a professional product! Here are some of our ideas so far…

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Early Sketches & Concepts

Andrew and I have had two evening meetings when the children are in bed.  After the second meeting (last Monday), my item to do was: make the book spreads clearer.  The reason for this, was the first draft spreads I was editing were 3cm x 7cm (approx), so getting quite hard to read.  I have 8cm x 16cm (approx) spreads made from creating cells in a Pages file (Mac) and enlarging it to a big size.

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Very First iPad Screenshot

I have been working on the iPad app today and am starting to get a feel for the overall look and flow.  The app will consist of three sections, one for each of the books: Letters, Numbers, Shapes.  Each section will have a full copy of the book and four mini-games using scenes from the game.  These games all focus on different skills: reflexes, creative thinking, memory and discovery.

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Pre-Release Promotion

My wife and I are self-publishing our own children’s book at the moment and we get a lot of questions about how we pull it all together.  There are a million pieces of the puzzle that we’d like to share but today I’ll start with our pre-release signup site – just a single page website that gets us in touch with potential customers and rewards them to spread the word for us.

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